Destination: Costa Rica!

What seemed like a perhaps inevitable, but probably still distant, return to Latin America is now upon us. We are so excited to share with you that we have been accepted on staff as ReachGlobal missionaries. We are excited about how God has been leading us and for what lies ahead.


Perhaps most surprising for us is that at this point we aren’t headed back to Honduras! However, we’ll be a lot closer to Honduras than Chicago.  We believe God is leading us back to Central America, specifically to Costa Rica.

We are praying to be headed to Costa Rica the summer of 2017!

We just got the dates of our Vision Trip set up for July. This trip is part of the process to confirm our placement. We feel that the opportunities and needs in Costa Rica line up well with our gifts, passions and calling. We are excited to meet the San Jose City Team and get a feel for the ministries as well as what life will be like for our family in San Jose, Costa Rica.

What are our current next steps?

  • We have begun the process of seeking out both prayer and financial supporters to come alongside of us.  Will you join us?
  • Trainings coming up in August and November through ReachGlobal
  • Vision Trip in July

Please check out the other areas of the blog for more information!

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